we’re dedicated to incentivizing dealerships sell more electric cars, helping home energy companies like solar installers sell more products, & aiding new EV owners in getting their home ev-optimized.


In 2018, electric vehicle sales rose 81% in California. That would be great news if EVs didn’t return 30% less service revenue than ICEs. Generate a replacement revenue source by providing solar installers with quality leads. Our service goes above and beyond the requirements of California privacy legislation.

Home Energy Ecosystem

Rooftop solar growth has stagnated while customer acquisition costs have grown. Meanwhile, 20% of EV owners expect to buy a rooftop solar system imminently. Get more lucrative leads with higher energy demands & better conversion by purchasing leads from our network of electric vehicle dealerships.

EV Owners

There’s more to a going electric than just buying the car. You’ll need to understand home charging options, rebates, fast charger networks, rooftop solar options, HOV sticker applications, and more. We partner with your local dealerships to provide you with a helpful portal that guides you through the process.

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The Team


Dan Lopuch

CTO & CoFounder

Dan is a software startup veteran. He has leveraged data to build many products varying from monitoring outbreaks of infectious diseases in healthcare to predicting and minimizing costs of multi-million dollar cloud infrastructure deployments to consumer-focused analytics platforms. Dan has led engineering teams, been the principal engineer at startups with successful exits, and holds a S.B. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Jon McKay

CEO & CoFounder

Jon is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for solving impactful challenges with a sharp focus on product design. Out of Olin College of Engineering, Jon co-founded Technical Machine, a IoT company that made hardware development accessible to web and app developers. Technical Machine raised over $1MM from True Ventures, shipped more than 10k products and earned over $1MM in revenue. In 2017, Jon co-founded HC3 Energy, a company that provided Energy-as-a-Service to homeowners which merged with Nanogrid in 2018.

Patrick Sheehan


Patrick's passion is using software and optimization to solve sustainability problems. Prior to helping start Nanogrid, Patrick worked at Genability where he helped build the leading electricity rate engine. Before that, he developed image processing algorithms at Apple and applied unsupervised learning to data challenges at the U.S Dept. of Education. Patrick studied Computer Science at UC Davis and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon.