Using real-world device specifications and constraints, simulate how multiple devices impact net electricity load simultaneously


Understand how devices impact homeowner energy costs and assess the lifetime value of each device


Discover the combination of devices and systems sizes which maximize lifetime value under customer and regulatory constraints

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The Team


Patrick Sheehan

CEO & Co-Founder

Patrick's passion is using software and optimization to solve sustainability problems. Prior to starting Nanogrid, Patrick worked at Genability where he helped build the leading electricity rate engine. Before that, he developed image processing algorithms at Apple and applied unsupervised learning to data challenges at the U.S Dept. of Education. Patrick studied Computer Science at UC Davis and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon.

Dan Lopuch

CTO & Co-Founder

Dan is a software startup veteran. He has leveraged data to build many products varying from monitoring outbreaks of infectious diseases in healthcare to predicting and minimizing costs of multi-million dollar cloud infrastructure deployments to consumer-focused analytics platforms. Dan has led engineering teams, been the principal engineer at startups with successful exits, and holds a S.B. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.