EVs are here to stay. Are you?

Electric Vehicle sales grew 81% Y.o.Y in California in 2018. Leverage that explosive growth to increase margins on EVs, make up for lost service revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.


Improve Customer Satisfaction without training staff

EV customer satisfaction requires the customer to be aware how to get their home EV-ready. Nanogrid provides a white-labeled service called Swing Electric to help walk your recent EV customers through the process of selecting a car charger, applying for incentives, picking the cheapest electricity rate, and more. No more all-hands daily staff meetings to try to teach your staff what’s new in the EV ecosystem. We’ll make sure your customers know exactly what they need to get their home set up with their new EV so that you can maximize CSI-based incentives.


Some dealerships aren’t excited that EVs are taking off: they provide lower margins and lower revenues from the service department. Well that’s about to change. Our product provides your customers with suggestions of EV-related products they might be interested in which generates lead revenue that we share with you. We integrate directly with CRMs like VINSolutions and DealerSocket so that generating more revenue is as simple as flipping on a switch.



100% compliant with 2018 CA consumer Privacy Act

California has the most comprehensive consumer privacy laws in the country and we’re all for that. Our service goes above and beyond these requirements. Our ecosystem partners will never contact your customers without explicit buy-in and your customers can opt-out of our service at any time. Generate more revenue without compromising on privacy with Swing Electric.

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