SwingElectric, by Nanogrid

We believe buying an electric vehicle should be easier than purchasing a dirty, gas-guzzler. That's why we've built a buying service powered by a suite of software tools that automate the clunky parts: applying for incentives, selecting and installing a charger, and optimizing your electricity rate.

Introducing SwingElectric.com

Let the EV experts at Swing get you driving electric.


Spend time enjoying your electric car, not planning for one

The average car buyer spends 12 hours researching available models and visiting dealerships. EV’s require even more research identifying the best chargers and finding a local electrician to install it.

The experts at Swing take care of the details so your time is spent enjoying your EV. Our service will help you find a knowledgable, licensed electrician to install your personal charger so you never have to visit a dirty gas station again.


Electric vehicles. simplified.

Swing picks the best combination of charger, electrician, and electrical rate for you.

The car dealer will sell you a car, but Swing makes sure you’ll be able to drive it. Know how much you will save over gasoline on your local electricity plans, and know which electricity plan will get you driving the furthest, all powered by Nanogrid’s electricity cost simulation and optimization software.


Electric cars are the practical choice for commuters

HOV lane access, cheaper fuel costs, lower maintenance costs, and discounts on tolls are all reasons why smart commuters are driving electric.

Plus electric cars are fun to drive with instant acceleration that outperforms high-end internal combustion engines.


Join the thousands of drivers already driving EV’s at swingelectric.com