Drive your EV incentive program with SwingSuite

Utilities across the country are embracing the electrification of transportation and helping their ratepayers understand the cost-saving benefits of driving electric. Powered by the leading consumer EV buying service, SwingSuite is helping utilities meet their EV adoption goals with lower customer acquisition costs compared to traditional programs.

EV’s Require 3-4 Additional Hours of Research

In addition to the 12.5 hours the average car buyer spends researching a new vehicle, EVs require additional time to understand chargers and schedule electricians for installations.

This time commitment deters many consumers from even considering EV’s.

SwingSuite provides expert engagement and leverages a network of licensed electricians to make buying an EV faster than a traditional car.


Meet State And Regulatory EV Goals

California has a goal of 5 million ZEVs on the roads by 2030. Other states such as Connecticut, New York, Oregon, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and more are quickly following suite. These initiatives often include EV-tailored rate structures.

SwingSuite’s cost simulation and rate engine makes sure EV buyers in your territory understand their local incentives and chose the best rate option.

EV’s Bootstrap Broader Electrification Programs

SwingSuite cost engagement tools model the effects of adding any bundle of technologies, not just EV’s.

Upon learning the cost savings of EV’s, customers are receptive towards additional electrification programs, especially when already doing electrical work installing EV charging equipment.

SwingSuite engages EV purchasers on additional cost-saving electric hot water, heating, and cooking programs.


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